Below are the pricing options for this past conference and expo. If you have any questions contact

(member dues must be paid in full to receive member rates) Full Week One Day
(Sun, Mon or Tues)
Full Week  One Day
(Sun, Mon or Tues)
Member $395 $265 $485 $305
Retired Member $235 $210 $310 $255
Student (Member/Non-member*) $235/$275 $210/$240 $310/$350 $255/$295
Non-member $715 $485 $785 $520
Guest** $105 $120

*Non-member Students – A dietetics instructor signature is REQUIRED, and you must include a copy of your student ID with registration form.

**Guests must be 16 years of age or older and may not be current Academy members or eligible for Academy membership. Guest fees include Opening and Closing Sessions, Member Showcase, Expo for 3 days and access to the official Academy shuttle transportation between the convention center and FNCE® hotels. A name badge is required for admittance to the above activities. Guests cannot attend educational sessions or earn CPEs

Choose the Payment Plan Option When You Register

The number of payments required is determined by the date your registration was received. $50 of the total registration fees will be immediately charged to the credit card provided at the time of registration. This amount is non-refundable. The remaining balance will be divided equally based on the installments available and automatically charged on, or near the 15th of the month as defined by the installment schedule.

Installment Schedule

Registration Date Range # Payments Charged
June 11 – June 30 3 7/15, 8/15 and 9/15
July 1 – July 31 2 8/15 and 9/15
August 1 – September 8 1 9/15