Student Activities

Take your FNCE® virtual experience to the next level by attending a variety of sessions and activities designed just for you by the Academy and the Committee for the Lifelong Learning. In addition to educational sessions, Learning Lounge, posters and inspiring keynote sessions, here are just a few of the activities for students during FNCE®

Student Center

Take advantage of the virtual Student Center, where you can represent your school and connect with fellow students and practicing RDNs and NDTRs. Join your peers at the Student Center and access resources that will help you get a jumpstart on your career, including presentations, discussions and Q&As on topics such as:

  • Resume best practices with tips and guidance on setting yourself up for success
  • Information on DICAS and the internship application process
  • Passing the exam tips and details from CDR
  • Scholarship and Grants available from the Academy Foundation

The Student Center also offers additional opportunities from the Academy, such as Academy Group memberships with affiliates, DPGs and MIGs; ANDPAC Public Policy Initiatives; making the most of Academy Student Membership and much more!

School Spirit: Register Students for FNCE® 2021

Educators: Give your students an opportunity to enhance their future career in nutrition and dietetics by encouraging them to register for FNCE® 2021. The Academy will recognize five dietetics education programs, one for each program type: Didactic Program in Dietetics, Dietetic Internship, Coordinated Program in Dietetics, Dietetic Technician Program, and Future Education Model Graduate program. The five programs that bring the highest percentage of students to FNCE® will have the opportunity for a virtual VIP Meet and Greet after FNCE® with Academy President Kevin Sauer, PhD, RDN, LD, FAND and the Board of Directors! Learn more.