Tips for Talking to Your Employer about FNCE®

This year’s virtual Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™ (FNCE®) will feature dynamic sessions, expert speakers and professional development opportunities that you expect from the leading nutrition event of the year.

Here are some tips to convince your employer to reimburse you for virtual FNCE®.

Step 1: Review the Program

Attendees have access to all the educational sessions FNCE® has to offer, but consider highlighting for your employer those that are the most important for your practice or that align with the priorities of your organization. Fourteen educational tracks will focus on timely topics, including behavioral and mental health; health equity, access and opportunity; and community and population health. FNCE® provides a vast array of topics and speakers who are trusted and recognized for their expertise. FNCE® sessions focus on strategies and solutions to the most pressing issues facing nutrition and dietetics professionals today.

Step 2: Stress the Value of Investing in Your Development

Organizations that invest in effective professional development programs tend to have a better organizational effectiveness than those that don’t. Likewise, employees who read widely, train continually and attend many professional conferences perform better than those who don’t.

And because this year’s event is virtual, there are no travel costs or extended time away from the office. In addition, all attendees will have access to the entire program on-demand until May 31, 2022, providing an even better return on your employer’s investment.

FNCE® is the most cost-effective way to earn CPE and get access to the practical knowledge you need!

Step 3: Review the Exhibitor List

The Expo features exhibits that showcase a wide range of innovative food and nutrition products and services that help meet your needs. You can visit the virtual Expo Hall and be among the first to learn about new, innovative products, discover trends and strengthen business relationships. Consider the business opportunities that could develop from establishing connections with industry professionals and partners.

Step 4: Complete the Request Letter

Sometimes an employer will need it in writing — or simply prefers to receive your request in an email. Use our handy Email Template to list your reasons for attending FNCE® and submit to your supervisor. You can customize it however you want, but this letter gives you a great starting point for organizing your thoughts and making sure you are making the best case to attend FNCE®.

Step 5: Bring it All Home

Offer to host a “Lunch and Learn” or similar knowledge-sharing event with your co-workers. In addition, be sure to let your supervisor know about any trends, new products, services or research that may help your organization. Use the FNCE® Day-at-a-Glance calendar for an easy resource to share with your employer.