Academy Trademark and Logo Usage Policy

Exhibitors are allowed to make mention of the “2020 Food & Nutrition & Expo” (first reference) and FNCE® (subsequent references) in materials, consistent with the following acceptable examples:

  • “XYZ Company is an exhibitor at the 2020 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo.”
  • Stop by our booth XXXX at the 2020 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo.”

Please refrain from using the “2020 Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo” and “FNCE®” names in conjunction with any of your planned activities and promotions at FNCE®. For example, the following is not allowed:

  • Company XYZ’s FNCE® Breakfast Meeting


  • Company XYZ’s Breakfast Meeting at FNCE®

No exhibitors may use the FNCE® logo, photography, marketing materials and symbols or the Academy’s logo (eatright) in any manner, including but not limited to literature, pamphlets, website, social media sites, electronic media, communications (on-site, pre- and post-) or Exhibit space. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the sole and exclusive owner of these logos and trademarks.

Without waiving any other rights, Exhibitor using any marks or logos deemed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to be confusingly similar to the Academy’s marks may be refused exhibition or sponsorship rights.