Past Certificates

Professional Development Portfolio

Access Portfolio

Attendees should record each session attended on their Learning Activities Log and complete a Certificate of Attendance Form for each session attended. Attendees can download copies of the attendee CPE certificate from the mobile app or FNCE® website.

These forms may be duplicated if additional copies are needed. Separate forms are also included to record exhibits and poster sessions.

Attendees are responsible for keeping their completed forms with their portfolio materials in case of audit. Please follow all policies as stipulated in the Professional Development Portfolio Guide.

State Licensure or Certification

Attendees should complete a Certificate of Attendance Form for each session attended if their State Regulatory Board requires a certificate of attendance to maintain licensure or certification. Attendees should keep a record of the sessions they attend and make duplicate copies for portfolio and/or licensure requirements as needed. Visit the CDR booth in the Central Concourse, Level 3 for details on individual state reporting requirements.