Front Row

Talk Front Row with Your Employer Toolkit

No matter how excited you may be to participate in FNCE® Front Row, you may find that before you can click that big REGISTER button, you still have to convince your boss to get reimbursed. Getting approval to participate is a two-part endeavor; you need to demonstrate the benefits of the conference to your organization and then you’ll need to persuade your boss that it is worth the investment of time and money (and that you are the right person to invest in)! Here are some steps you can take to convince your boss that you should attend

Review all the sessions that are part of the virtual program and explain to your boss how you and your organization will benefit from what you will learn.

Do you need to learn more about the new nutrition fact labels? Are you looking for insights on the future of healthcare? How about improving your leadership skills?

FNCE® Front Row will feature all the keynote presentations as well as key hot topics in nutrition.

The bottom line is that the smarter you are, the better it is for your organization. You know that organizations take on an almost unfathomable amount of risk when they don’t have the most informed, up-to-date registered dietitian nutritionists and nutrition and dietetic technicians, registered. Emphasize to your boss how FNCE® Front Row will allow you to stay on top of the latest trends in food and nutrition.
Sometimes your boss will need it in writing, or just prefers to receive your request in an email. Do not worry – we have got you covered you there too. Use our handy Email Template to list your reasons for attending and submit to your supervisor. You can customize it however you want, but this letter gives you a great starting point for organizing your thoughts and making sure you are making the best case to participate in FNCE® Front Row.

Offer to host a “Lunch and Learn” or other event with your co-workers to share your FNCE® findings. In addition, be sure to let your boss know about any trends, new products, services or research that may help the business.