FNCE® Press Room Guidelines

Media Registration

Thank you for attending for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 2019 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™ in Philadelphia, Pa. Advance media registration for 2020 FNCE® will be announced in the future.

Below are the criteria for receiving media credentials from this year’s conference and expo.

Criteria for Receiving Media Credentials

Approved Outlets

Print and broadcast media must have circulation available through Cision. Publications not registered with Cision must submit BPA- or AAM-verified circulation. National media outlets and trade publications must have a circulation size of at least 100,000 to be eligible.

Digital media properties must receive no less than 100,000 average monthly sessions over the last 6 months (desktop + mobile) as verified via Google Analytics to be eligible for complimentary media registration. The Academy will verify these figures through SimilarWeb.

  1. In Google Analytics, go to the Audience tab and click “Overview.”
  2. Make sure your date range is set for six months (this is located in the upper right-hand corner of the page).
  3. Make sure your metrics are set to “Sessions.”
  4. In this graph area, in the upper right-hand corner of the graph, make sure the “month” tab is selected.
  5. Take a screenshot of this page. Be sure to include the date range, the graph and the session data information located below the graph.
  6. Next, under the “Audience Overview” section, click on the “Export” caret and choose “Excel (XLSX).”
  7. Send the screenshot and Excel document to media@eatright.org.

Click image to view larger image.

Please note: No more than two representatives from each approved media outlet may receive complimentary press credentials. Exceptions may include TV station camera crews. Please inquire directly by contacting the Academy’s Strategic Communications Team. Social Media influencers are not eligible for media credentials unless they also meet the aforementioned requirements for digital media properties, print or broadcast media.

Required Documentation

  • Publisher
    Current business card from an established publication containing your title and copy of the outlet masthead from an issue no older than 6 months identifying you as publisher (one per outlet).
  • Reporter, editor, host, producer, photographer, camera crew
    Current business card or press identification card; reporters and editors must also provide examples of clips bylined with your name or a link to bylined articles.
  • Freelance writer
    Original dated letter of assignment or letter of intent to represent outlet from managing editor and two samples of bylined articles published in the last six months.

The following individuals are not eligible for complimentary press credentials:

  • Freelance writers who are not on a specific assignment
  • Book authors
  • Recipe developers
  • Newsletter editors or writers
  • All non-editorial personnel from journalistic organizations such as marketing, public relations or advertising/sales representatives
  • Exhibitors
  • Employees or representatives of marketing, advertising, financial analysis or public relations firms
  • Writers creating analyses or reports sold as a commodity

Academy program content may not be used to develop continuing education materials without the express written consent of the Academy.

All requests for media credentials are subject to the approval of the Academy’s Strategic Communications Team. The Academy reserves the right to refuse credentials to any individual at its discretion.


All media video crews must be escorted through the Expo all and conference areas by a member of the Academy’s Strategic Communications Team. Visit the onsite Press Room to request an escort.

To foster a professional and respectful environment on the Expo floor and throughout the conference, we ask all journalists to please introduce themselves to and ask permission of exhibitors and attendees before photographing them or their booths.

Please do not take photographs during FNCE® educational sessions. The Academy hires a professional photographer to capture educational sessions; please inquire in the Press Room or email media@eatright.org for session photograph requests.

Press Room

Complimentary media credentials, conference registration for the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo, and access to the Press Room (Room 109-B) are reserved for working members of the media who are employed by established news outlets and digital properties that meet industry criteria.

Press Room facilities include a media-only work area and computers with internet access. Wireless internet access is available throughout the building. Photocopying and shipping services are available through the convention center’s business center.

Press materials, samples of Academy publications, Media Guides and other Academy materials will also be available in the Press Room.