Achieving Sustainable RDN Satisfaction While Incentivizing RDN Deliverables


Struggling to find innovative ways to demonstrate the value of the RDN? Are you accountable for improving the quality of care at your institution? Do you find it challenging to optimally utilize the skills, talents, and experience of the variety of students and professionals? Is staff professional development and satisfaction difficult to improve and sustain? Attendees will learn how pre-professional students and interns working with credentialed food and nutrition professionals can engage in process improvement projects such as the Malnutrition Quality Improvement Initiative (MQii) to the benefit of all involved.

Planned with the Quality Management Committee

Learning Objectives

Describe how leaders can combine RDN expertise, quality improvement initiatives, and recognition and incentive programs to promote professional growth.

Utilize the scope of practice and organizational and professional titles to successfully integrate novice to expert capabilities into productive, accountable quality improvement teams.

Explain how identifying and prioritizing mission focused quality improvement projects can lead to benefits for the individual, their team, and the profession.

Performance Indicators

4.1 Demonstrates sound professional judgment and strategic thinking in practice

4.2 Exercises critical thinking when faced with opportunities and challenges

7.4 Participates in and leads quality control and improvement activities to improve delivery of services


Laura Gollins

Clinical Program Coordinator

Texas Children's Hospital

Melissa Molloy

Manager of Clinical Nutrition and Patient Services

Valley Medical Center

Angela Lago

Clinical Nutrition Manager

Novant Health NHRMC


Tamie Frable-Newman

Multi-Service General Manager


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