Advancing Food as Medicine Program Access Through Advocacy and Evidence-Based Practices


In 2022, the White House released a National Strategy with a goal to end hunger and increase healthy eating and physical activity by 2030 through transformative programs, policies, and system changes. Pillar 2 of the strategy – Integrate Nutrition and Health – includes prioritizing the role of nutrition and food security through the expansion of Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries’ access to “food as medicine” interventions, such as prescription programs and medically tailored meals. Food as medicine programs contribute to sustaining health, preventing disease, and may be therapeutic. What roles do registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) play in these programs, what challenges exist, and how are some of these interventions paid for in the public and private sector? Speakers will present emerging evidence, identify vehicles for the delivery of food as medicine interventions within the context of health care, provide an overview on current policy and legislation, identify revenue streams and mechanisms for payment, and share applications of case studies across practice settings.

Learning Objectives

Identify existing mechanisms that enable the allocation of health care payments for food as medicine interventions

Describe at least two outcomes of current research supporting health care savings and positive outcomes associated with food as medicine interventions

Describe at least two implementation strategies and positioning for RDNs in the execution of ‘food as medicine’ interventions

Performance Indicators

12.1 Advocates for health promotion and disease prevention in communities, in populations and globally

14.2 Applies principles of financial management to support and achieve budgetary goals

6.2 Collects and interprets research data to advance knowledge and practice, and to enhance effectiveness of services


Michelle Kuppich

Executive Director

California Food is Medicine Coalition

Caroline Passerrello

Community Coordinator and Instructor

University of Pittsburgh, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Owen Ryan

President & CEO

Project Angel Heart


Allison Yoder

Program Manager

Kroger Health

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