An In-Depth Look at Nutrition Management of an Anephric Preterm Infant


The presenters will share the case of a critically ill, anephric, preterm infant from birth to 12 months. This case will provide education on different modalities of renal replacement therapy, including Carpediem™, aquapheresis, hemodialysis, and peritoneal dialysis, which the infant in this case went through. This case will report nutrition challenges starting in the NICU and through all the transition phases, including the outpatient nephrology clinic. In addition, information about the nutrition challenges associated with infantile end-stage kidney disease will be reviewed. These challenges include but are not limited to growth impairment, nutritional deficiencies, feeding difficulties, altered bone mineral metabolism, and electrolyte abnormalities.

Learning Objectives

Describe different modalities of renal replacement therapy

Demonstrate how to optimize nutrition intake for adequate growth of an anephric preterm infant

Discuss the role of supplements and medications in the nutrition management of a renal patient

Performance Indicators

4.1 Demonstrates sound professional judgment and strategic thinking in practice

8.1 Interprets and applies current food and nutrition science in nutrition and dietetics practice

8.2 Applies current knowledge and skill in the management of a variety of diseases and clinical conditions


Irmalis Flores-Gonzalez

NICU Registered Dietitian

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Sydney Huesman

Pediatric Nephrology Registered Dietitian

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center


Amy Sapsford

Retired NICU dietitian

Cincinnati Children's

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