Be a Better Podcaster: How To Hone Your Voice and Grow Your Audience


The what, why, & how of podcasting for nutrition and dietetics professionals. This session is for those interested in launching a new podcast or growing an existing one. With literally millions of podcasts available, how do you carve out a corner & build a devoted audience?

Learning Objectives

Outline the time commitment, equipment, & software needs of podcasting, and evaluate whether or not it is a good brand extension

Explain the concepts of pre-launch research and planning, including outlining an episode format or template; identifying a niche audience; brainstorming potential topics; and establishing recording, editing and marketing strategies

Prepare for the current challenges of monetization in the podcast space and brainstorm ideas about ways to leverage a podcast for value-add beyond sponsorships and ads

Performance Indicators

2.2 Demonstrates effective communication skills

8.1 Interprets and applies current food and nutrition science in nutrition and dietetics practice

3.1 Demonstrates and applies leadership skills


Regan Jones

Creator & Host

This Unmillennial Life Podcast

Carolyn Williams

Co-Creator & Co-Host

The Happy Eating Podcast


Brierley Horton

Co-Creator & Co-Host

The Happy Eating Podcast

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