Breaking Burnout: A Systemic Approach to Workplace Well-being


Burnout has become a prominent issue in workplaces, with its detrimental effects impacting both individuals and the overall organization. Factors such as constant work demands, heavy workloads, and limited resources can easily lead busy professionals down the path of burnout. While many attempts to address burnout have focused on quick-fix solutions for individuals, there’s a crucial element missing. In this program, Paula will present a comprehensive approach to burnout prevention, offering actionable strategies for individuals, leaders, and teams.

Planned with the Committee for Lifelong Learning
**This session will not be recorded.

Learning Objectives

Identify the three main dimensions of burnout and how to differentiate between stress and burnout.

Discuss the six core causes of burnout at work and identify why a systemic approach to burnout is necessary.

Demonstrate proficiency in at least one research-based skill that effectively reduces burnout, fosters resilience, and increases engagement and motivation at work.


Paula Davis

Founder and CEO

Stress & Resilience Institute


Julie Stefanski

Senior Editor, Family and Consumer Sciences

Goodheart-Willcox Publisher

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