Can You Get to Policy Without Politics?


Policy is a foundation for all dietetics practice. Whether you are in a school setting, a hospital setting or even in private practice, policy is a key part of your work. All policy comes from the work of legislators, county council, school board members or other elected officials, so politics is also a policy player. As the Academy works to protect our practice by monitoring and advocating for policy, the role of politics is always right there. Let’s talk about how supporting campaigns and elected officials helps move the profession to effective policy.

Learning Objectives

Define how the Academy views policy priorities in determining legislator support

Explain how Academy policy looks for bipartisan support to advance our priorities

List the benefits of supporting candidates in developing their understanding and of the Academy’s nutrition policy goals

Performance Indicators

3.2 Advocates for and participates in activities that support advancement of the profession

3.3 Advocates for nutrition and dietetics services and resources for clients and populations

3.1 Demonstrates and applies leadership skills


Berit Dockter

Senior Account Executive

Kellen Company

Keiffer Mitchell

VP State and Local Advocacy

BGR Government Affairs, LLC


Elizabeth Campbell

Branch Chief, External Affairs


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