ChatGPT: Friend or Adversary in Educating Future Dietitians


This presentation aims to demystify ChatGPT4 and its transformative role in shaping the education and training of future registered dietitian nutritionists. Speakers will delve into the groundbreaking potential of ChatGPT4 in revolutionizing the education sector and scrutinize its profound impact on student learning and assessment. They will also evaluate the advantages and challenges of ChatGPT in promoting student engagement. Key areas of discussion include an introduction to the burgeoning presence of artificial intelligence (AI) in higher education, with a spotlight on why ChatGPT merits attention from educators; insight into how faculty roles might evolve with the increasing incorporation of AI into teaching methodologies; and examination of the potential implications of AI on the quality of education and hands-on training for upcoming clinicians and practitioners in nutrition and dietetics.

Learning Objectives

Identify and explain the key features of ChatGPT4 and its potential impact on the education and training of future registered dietitian nutritionists, illustrating an understanding of AI’s growing role in higher education

Examine and predict how the roles of faculty might evolve with the increased integration of AI like ChatGPT4 and other large language models and tools in pedagogy, evidenced by specific examples

Analyze the possible effects of AI on the quality of education and training in the field of nutrition and dietetics, providing an informed assessment on its advantages and potential challenges


Janet Reid Hector

Asst. Professor & Program Director Healthcare Management

Rutgers University- School of Health Professions

Georgianna Laws

CEO & Lead Consultant

Geo Laws Consulting


Judith Anglin

Department Chair

University of the District of Columbia

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