Closing The Expectation Gap: Health Care and Food Bank Partnerships to Address Social Determinants of Health


Healthcare pioneers and the Malnutrition Quality Improvement initiative are increasingly referring clinical patients to social services organizations to address health equity and social determinants of health. But what happens after the referral? Data sharing challenges, varying clinical and research expertise, and the lack of a shared language are identified barriers to successful completion of food insecurity interventions. RDNs/NDTRs are perfectly poised to be the interpreters between clinical and social organizations. Presenters will describe how food banks are playing a leading role in connecting with research and healthcare to fulfill the promise and demonstrate the effectiveness of community partnerships that address malnutrition and food insecurity on an individual and population level. The session will also highlight how RDNs/NDTRs in every area of practice can leverage their expertise to advocate for these innovative partnerships.

Learning Objectives

Evaluate the logistical processes and consequences of addressing food insecurity in clinical settings

Apply evidence-based collaboration toolkits to advocate for health care and food bank partnerships

Apply the “screen and refer” standard of care in clinical practice to address food insecurity

Performance Indicators

2.3 Collaborates with inter- and intra-professional team members to achieve common goals and to optimize delivery of services

3.3 Advocates for nutrition and dietetics services and resources for clients and populations

12.3 Designs and develops community and population health programs, interventions or initiatives to meet the needs of communities and/or populations


Betsy Anderson Steeves

Senior Research Scientist

Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition

Rachel McCandless

Vice President of Health and Nutrition

Feeding Northeast Florida Food Bank


Jenifer Ross

Assistant Professor Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

University of North Florida

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