Confronting Incongruity in Evidence-Based Practice: A Case Study in Chronic Kidney Disease


Nutrition and dietetics professionals strive to provide all patients with evidence-based nutrition care that considers context, clinical expertise, and the best available evidence. One of the tools that can assist clinicians in providing evidence-based care are nutrition practice guidelines. However, previous evidence has demonstrated that factors like astute clinical intuition and facility policies can prevent the implementation of guideline recommendations. Therefore, nutrition and dietetics professionals are evaluating how clinicians implement different recommendations into their practice and observing the impact on nutrition-related patient outcomes. This session will explore implementation science through the lens of the 2020 Academy and National Kidney Foundation Clinical Practice Guideline for Nutrition in Chronic Kidney Disease and the Assessing Uptake and Impact of Guidelines in Renal Nutrition or AUGmeNt study. The session will describe an innovative automated analyzer tool to evaluate chronic kidney disease guideline recommendation adherence and explain how guideline implementation training can attempt to influence clinician adherence to the best practice recommendations. Additionally, speakers will review potential barriers and facilitators for implementation as well as recommendations for successful implementation.

Learning Objectives

Describe the methods of the AUGmeNT study

Describe the main results from the AUGmeNt study regarding dietitian adherence to the CKD guidelines

List additional recommendations that must be taken at various levels to better support practitioner guideline recommendation implementation

Performance Indicators

6.2 Collects and interprets research data to advance knowledge and practice, and to enhance effectiveness of services

6.3 Disseminates research findings to support knowledge translation

1.1 Demonstrates and maintains competence in practice


Becky Brosch

Sr. Director Nutrition Services


Brandon Kistler

Assistant Professor

Purdue University


Gabriela Proaño

Senior Research Project Manager

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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