Culinary Demo: Joyful Mocktails and Munchies


Joy Bauer will share clever ways to stay hydrated and offer up some of her favorite indulgent treats. The beverages are booze-free and lower in sugar than typical cocktails and the treat recipes feature nutritious ingredients as their foundation/base. Plus, Joy will be mixing in produce items throughout to make them irresistibly delicious! Attendees will be inspired with novel tricks and clever creations that they can share with clients and patients.

Sponsored by FNCE® Culinary Demo Sponsor: LaCroix Sparkling Water

Learning Objectives

Describe the benefits of adequate hydration—and how it relates to temperature regulation, digestion, metabolism, joint functionality and nutrient delivery.

Explain the daily hydration requirements and why the classic 8 glasses per day guideline is not necessarily scientific.

Identify the best hydration sources, including beverages and water-rich foods and creative ways to meet your daily H2O goals.



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