Culinary Medicine: The Importance of Teaching Kitchen Interventions Across the Clinical Care Continuum


Experiential culinary medicine (CM) programs delivered from teaching kitchens are emerging as practical, patient-centered approaches to nutrition intervention. Designed to improve and sustain healthy dietary patterns, CM interventions build on traditional nutrition education by incorporating hands-on food skills alongside nutrition education, supporting patients to practice the behaviors recommended to improve health outcomes. Although CM interventions are gaining popularity, best practices to integrate CM into clinical practice are still being defined. Many RDNs are hesitant to develop and implement new programs in this field due to a lack of training or support to integrate CM interventions within their practice, and are seeking resources to align existing RDN practice competence, professional scope, and expertise within this growing field. This panel presentation will highlight opportunities to implement CM in healthcare settings, illustrate strategic interdisciplinary collaborations that support successful CM interventions, and present the RDN as an integral professional in multi-disciplinary CM practice.

Learning Objectives

Identify at least three ways dietitians can enhance patient care and improve care outcomes through teaching kitchen interventions

Identify at least two best practices RDNs can use to implement culinary medicine interventions in clinical settings

Describe at least one aspect of CM that aligns with current national healthcare priorities, including those expressed through the 2022 White House Nutrition Conference

Performance Indicators

3.2 Advocates for and participates in activities that support advancement of the profession

8.4 Critically evaluates the safety and efficacy of integrative and functional medicine approaches and interventions

9.4 Provides nutrition and dietetic education to a variety of individuals, groups and populations


Julia Maclaren

Wellness Kitchen Consultant

Alberta Health Services

Miiette Siler

Culinary Medicine Program Lead

UT Southwestern|Moncrief Cancer Institute

Olivia Weinstein

Director of Nutrition Innovation and Implementation

Boston Medical Center


Christina Badaracco

Research Scientist

Avalere Health

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