Developing a Diverse Nutrition and Dietetics Workforce Through Support Programs


Diversifying the nutrition and dietetics workforce requires commitment across multiple levels. This includes academic programs, institutions, and the professional community who are positioned to make a direct impact on the future workforce. In many cases, these efforts may also require skill development and financial support. In this lecture session, we will discuss data-driven models and strategies that can be used to enhance recruitment, retention, skill and professional development, and support of diverse individuals in undergraduate and graduate programs and work settings. Speakers will also examine how robust student and personnel support services translate to diversifying the nutrition and dietetics workforce.

Learning Objectives

Evaluate the roles of various entities involved in addressing workforce diversity and types of support needed in order to enhance diversity efforts

Analyze and develop strategies to enhance recruitment, retention, skill and professional development and support for diverse students and personnel across various entities

Evaluate how student and personnel support programs and diversity initiatives within educational programs can translate to a more diverse workforce

Performance Indicators

1.7 Applies cultural competence and consideration for social determinants of health to show respect for individuals, groups and populations

3.2 Advocates for and participates in activities that support advancement of the profession

6.5 Leads or supports activities related to the development or management of academic programs


Ann Diker


Metropolitan State University of Denver

Jessica Torro

PPOHA Grant Program Manager

Metropolitan State University of Denver


Rachel Sinley

Department Chair, Associate Professor

Metropolitan State University of Denver

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