Disrupting the Health System Cycle: Reimagining AI's Role for Nutrition-Smart Practice


The audience will learn about how artificial intelligence (AI) has a role in optimizing systems when human cognition proves challenged. From searching for patterns across populations to making sense of data, this session will explore the unique and diverse psychology of AI and the story we create for AI-smart nutrition practice. The audience will be able to articulate how AI technologies can be used as a tool for nutrition and dietetic practice while recognizing the role of the human brain in shaping the story of its use. They will also be able to identify opportunities to inspire action from AI-driven interventions to positively influence patient and population health and nutrition outcomes.

Learning Objectives

Apply skills to incorporate AI in practice while analyzing gaps in capacity, research and practice and interpreting the influence of online algorithms and bots

Detail the value and limitations of AI-driven interventions from experts in the field and identify encoded biases, trust and ethical issues, and implications for practice

Stipulate the main and latest direct and indirect applications of AI in nutrition and dietetics beyond 2023


Tatyana El-Kour

Global Nutrition Advisor

Aga Khan Foundation

Sean Thoennes

Associate Faculty

Fielding Graduate University

Jerri Lynn Hogg

Founder & CEO

Art of Digital Living


Sharon Solomon

Morrison Healthcare

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