Exploring the Nexus: Dietetics and the Psychedelic Space


Cannabis-infused food products, “magic” mushrooms and other psychedelics are increasingly being used by curious individuals and researchers across the globe for their physical and mental health benefits. This interactive session will help nutrition professionals navigate this emerging space to address viable treatment options, safety, legal and ethical concerns, as well as the role dietitians have in the growing multidisciplinary psychedelic-assisted therapy space. Attendees will leave with evidence-based perspectives on harm-reduction practices to help advise clients and patients who may be exploring or currently using these therapies.

Planned with the Committee for Lifelong Learning

Learning Objectives

Evaluate the benefits and risk of cannabis-infused food products.

Describe the difference between function and psychedelic mushrooms and their therapeutic benefits .

Summarize the concepts behind psychedelic-assisted therapies and identify the roles nutrition and dietetics professionals play in this growing multidisciplinary space.


Daniel Colella

Department of Veteran Affairs

MOVE! and Healthy Teaching Kitchen Coordinator


Kathryn Lawson

Senior Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Manager

Nestle USA, Inc.

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