Expo Briefing: Clinical Study Outcomes Supporting Benefits of Using Stevia for Weight Management


Stevia is a plant-based high-intensity sweetener which can be used to reduce the intake of added sugars. There are recent well-designed human clinical studies that illustrate safety and benefits of using stevia to manage weight. Join this briefing to explore stevia’s origin, production, and its pivotal role in reducing added sugars in our food supply by Marketing Leader Carla Saunders. Nutrition Scientist Dr. Corey Scott will uncover stevia’s effects on health including appetite, food intake, glycemia, gut microflora and brain reward centers.

Sponsored by FNCE® Expo Briefing Sponsor: Cargill

Learning Objectives

Describe the significant effects of stevia on health outcomes including food intake, appetite, gut microflora and glycemia.

Explain that stevia is a safe and effective tool to reduce added sugars in the diet and aid in weight management.

Identify opportunities to replace added sugars with stevia when discussing dietary plans with clients and patients.



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