Expo Briefing: Little Changes = Big Results for Kids: Enhancing Youth Well Being through Nutrition & Physical Activity


The future stability of our nation depends on the physical health, mental wellness, and overall resiliency of our youth. How they nourish their bellies, move their bodies and fuel their minds has a sustained impact on their emotional well-being. This briefing will provide the latest statistics on childhood well-being, review the current state of nutrition for children and adolescents and discuss current dietary intake patterns including the Healthy Eating Index. We will dive into areas of nutrient deficiency, while also proposing strategies to enhance dietary health and elevate these values.

Sponsored by FNCE® Signature Sponsor: General Mills

Learning Objectives

Identify the gaps in nutrient intake compared to recommendations for children and adolescents.

Describe the ways in which physical activity and healthy dietary patterns can enhance physical and emotional wellbeing in children and adolescents.

Explain how physical movement can contribute to improved academic performance.



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