Food Science: A Bridge to Food and Nutrition Security


Often overlooked and frequently misunderstood, food science plays a critical role in food and nutrition security. Food science is the middle segment that brings together the food system, upstream at the farm to downstream at the table. Food science and technology helps ensure a safe, affordable, available, accessible, and acceptable food supply. When nutrition professionals and food science and technology professionals collaborate, together they transform nutrition science concepts to scalable in-market solutions that can help improve food and nutrition security. Join this session to hear from expert panelists who work in the intersection of food science, nutrition, food security and product development to learn about the role of food science in food and nutrition security. Speakers will provide examples of how food science is reducing waste, improving nutrition and providing a more affordable and accessible food supply. This session will also highlight how RDNs/NDTRs can collaborate with food science professionals in product development, research and more.

Learning Objectives

Describe the role of food science and technology in food and nutrition security

Explain how RDNs/NDTRs can collaborate with food scientists from concept to product development and beyond

Communicate the role of food processing and food science, and integrate food science aspects into research, pilots, and other cross-disciplinary food systems efforts

Performance Indicators

11.1 Leads or participates in the development of products and/or services related to food, nutrition, equipment and systems

8.1 Interprets and applies current food and nutrition science in nutrition and dietetics practice

2.3 Collaborates with inter- and intra-professional team members to achieve common goals and to optimize delivery of services


Michael Gabel

Director of the Food Innovation Center

Colorado State University Spur

Anna Leigh Rosales

Senior Director Government Affairs & Nutrition

Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)


Mary Young

Food and Nutrition Strategist

MKYoung Food & Nutrition Strategies

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