Front-of-Pack Nutrition Labeling: Exploring Systems to Inform and Empower Consumer Choice


With the growing prevalence of diet-related diseases including obesity, diabetes and heart disease, the promotion of healthful eating is a high priority for policymakers and nutrition and dietetics professionals. The 2022 White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health recommended the federal government develop a standardized front-of-pack (FOP) nutrition labeling system to help consumers, particularly those with lower nutrition security, more easily select foods that are part of an overall healthy pattern of eating. Studies show that only about half of Americans pay attention to labels, whether shopping in person or online. Many FOP systems do not address the complexity of consumer behavior, budget restraints, the role of food and culture, sustainability, or accessibility. During this panel discussion, subject matter experts will analyze the effectiveness of systems in place today that enable consumer choice. Attendees will learn how food manufacturers are working to make incremental improvements to products, and how food retailers are utilizing the expertise of nutrition and dietetics professionals to engage with consumers. Join this session to explore labeling options to help consumers make informed food and beverage choices that align with personal eating patterns.

Planned with the Food and Culinary Professionals Dietetic Practice Group

Learning Objectives

Compare and contrast FOP nutrition labeling options with a focus on consumer understanding and ability to make informed personal decisions

Examine current research findings, consumer insights, labeling implications, and opportunities for future research on FOP nutrition labeling

Describe key characteristics of FOP nutrition labeling to maximize the opportunity to provide effective guidance to empower consumer choice and support healthy eating patterns

Performance Indicators

3.2 Advocates for and participates in activities that support advancement of the profession

12.1 Advocates for health promotion and disease prevention in communities, in populations and globally

4.2 Exercises critical thinking when faced with opportunities and challenges


Monica Amburn

Vice President

Eat Well Global, Inc.

Kris Sollid

Senior Director, Nutrition Communications

International Food Information Council (IFIC)

Julie Greene

Director of Guiding Stars

Guiding Stars Licensing Company, LLC


Robert Earl

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

FARE - Food Allergy Research & Education

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