How to Prove RDN Value in Post-Acute Long-Term Care


As a result of advancing their nutrition-related skills, dietitians in post-acute long-term care (PALTC) facilities have positioned themselves as major contributors to revenue enhancement in the nursing facility arena. Under the patient driven payment model (PDPM), the dietitian plays a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of malnutrition, morbid obesity, and chewing and swallowing function. The RDN also participates in revenue-generating dedicated programs for in-house dialysis, respiratory/trach services, enteral and parenteral treatment, bariatric units, Alzheimer’s & dementia treatment programs and in-house wellness. The presenters for this program will introduce you to real life stories in post acute facilities – including profiling a small group of RDNs who increased annual revenues up to $4 million, all while improving care and increasing visibility and value of dietitian services. It’s not your grandmother’s nursing home any more! The contributions and value of the RDN in PALTC are drastically changing. Please join us for this session to learn how you can be a part of this incredible transformation.

Planned with the Dietetics in Health Care Communities Dietetic Practice Group

Learning Objectives

Identify nutrition factors influencing patient outcomes and facility revenue under the patient-driven payment model, including malnutrition, obesity, dysphagia, enteral/parenteral feedings and more, in post-acute long-term care

Demonstrate how the RDN can work with the healthcare team to effectively integrate PDPM factors into the nutrition assessment, care plan and overall patient-centered care

Describe how to increase the value of dietitian services through revenue enhancement in the PALTC and effectively communicate this impact to facility/corporate leadership

Performance Indicators

2.3 Collaborates with inter- and intra-professional team members to achieve common goals and to optimize delivery of services

3.2 Advocates for and participates in activities that support advancement of the profession

8.2 Applies current knowledge and skill in the management of a variety of diseases and clinical conditions


DD McBride

Resource Utilization Manager

Cascadia Healthcare

Ellen Turk

Regional Registered Dietitian

S & S Nutrition Network, Inc


Sue Linja

Registered Dietitian Consultant

S&S Nutrition Network, Inc

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