Member Showcase: Radical Collaboration: Achieving the "Impossible"


Commit, then figure it out.

As a career producer and filmmaker, Mick Ebeling has dedicated his life to tapping into the power of innovation, technology, and story to change the world. His keynote address will highlight his unique problem-solving approach and how he has connected a community of passionate and talented engineers, doers, makers, idea generators and storytellers to create innovative solutions to society’s challenges.

Learning Objectives

Identify specific traits and characteristics of individuals who are highly effective collaborators.

Assess and analyze the impact of collaboration and technology on the process of idea generation.

Explore opportunities for cross-industry collaboration to amplify your impact in solving complex challenges.


Mick Ebeling

Award-Winning Innovator; Founder & CEO of Not Impossible, LLC


Lauri Wright


Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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