Nutrition Interventions for Dyslipidemia Across the Lifespan for the Prevention of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease


The National Lipid Association (NLA) has created clinical perspectives on dyslipidemia management across the lifespan to promote optimal medical nutrition therapy to prevent and/or manage atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. In 2022, the Nutrition Interventions for Youth with Dyslipidemia, which focuses on patients aged 0-18 years, was published to provide guidance for registered dietitian nutritionists and other healthcare professionals working with youth with dyslipidemia. By June 2023, the Nutrition Interventions for Adults with Dyslipidemia will be published to update the nutrition recommendations previously provided in the NLA Recommendations for Patient-Centered Dyslipidemia Management – Part 2, which provided guidance for RDNs and other healthcare professionals working with adults with dyslipidemia. This session will provide an overview of these NLA clinical perspectives to enhance the knowledge and practical application of the attendees of the most current evidence-based MNT for dyslipidemia management in youth and adults.

Learning Objectives

Describe evidence-based nutrition interventions for specific types of dyslipidemias in youth (0-18 years)

Describe evidence-based nutrition interventions for select types of dyslipidemias in adults

Identify the importance of medical nutrition therapy for dyslipidemia management across the lifespan to prevent or manage atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

Performance Indicators

8.1 Interprets and applies current food and nutrition science in nutrition and dietetics practice

8.2 Applies current knowledge and skill in the management of a variety of diseases and clinical conditions

10.3 Establishes and implements evidence-based nutrition interventions to address PES statements and client/patient goals


Carol Kirkpatrick

Clinical Scientist

Midwest Biomedical Research

Lauren Williams

Clinical Dietitian II

Baylor Scott & White McLane Children's Medical Center


Penny Kris-Etherton

Evan Pugh University Professor, Emeritus

Pennsylvania State University

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