Optimizing IVF Outcomes: The Role of Nutrition and Lifestyle


A growing body of evidence suggests nutrition and lifestyle modifications play an important role in optimizing IVF to create successful pregnancies. This session will provide a thorough understanding of the IVF cycle and take a deep dive into nutrition and lifestyle behaviors that can be recommended before and during the IVF cycle, as well as after a failed IVF cycle, to reduce complications and improve outcomes. Other key topics that will be discussed include egg freezing, mandated insurance coverage, the use of dietary supplements, male fertility and weight bias in fertility treatment. Join a reproductive endocrinologist and registered dietitian nutritionist who have been working to optimize nutrition and lifestyles for individuals’ undergoing IVF to create successful pregnancies.

Planned with the Committee for Lifelong Learning

Learning Objectives

Summarize how IVF best improves pregnancy outcomes

Discuss the synergy between nutrition interventions and lifestyle modifications that may positively impact IVF outcomes

Identify opportunities for RDNs to integrate medical nutrition therapy to optimize fertility


Judy Simon


Mind Body Nutrition, PLLC

Angela Thyer

Founding Partner

Seattle Reproductive Medicine


Stephanie Harris

Associate Professor

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

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