So You Want to Write a Cookbook? Author Insights and Strategies for Publishing Success


Have you always wanted to write a cookbook, but don’t know where to start? Look no further! Whether you plan to develop a cookbook for your nutrition clients or publish a bestseller for the public, this session will provide you with the knowledge and skills to succeed. While honing your writing skills, our panel of award-winning authors will guide you on a journey through the steps for cookbook development, including applications to other media like food blogs and culinary classes.

Learning Objectives

Apply effective food communication strategies to share and transfer ideas, feelings, and information to clients and stakeholders in cookbooks and other food writing projects

Outline the steps for developing a cookbook for the intended audience

Include food styling tips in your food writing projects, including cookbooks, food blogs, and other media, and in culinary classes

Performance Indicators

2.1 Adapts communication methods and skills to meet the needs of audiences

8.5 Demonstrates and applies knowledge of culinary practices, taking into consideration the needs and goals of clients/patients/population

9.3 Designs, selects and implements education strategies to meet the learning needs of individuals, groups, communities and populations


David Holben

Professor and Director, Office of Food and Nutrition Security

University of Mississippi

Ellie Krieger

Consultant, Writer, and Media Personality


Carolyn O'Neil

Consultant, Writer, and Media Personality



Kevin Sauer


Kansas State University

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