Target Malnutrition: The Financial Impact and Demonstrated Value of RDNs


As a contract food service and clinical nutrition management company, Morrison Healthcare works with over 900 healthcare facilities. It employs over 2400 RDNs, providing an opportunity to address the issue of malnutrition using a consistent approach on a national basis. Morrison’s quality improvement program includes a strategic plan for malnutrition identification, diagnosis, intervention, and coding to benefit the patients, RDNs and the facilities they work in. Hear a success story of a healthcare system that was able to implement a malnutrition quality improvement program that not only resulted in not only fantastic outcomes for patients but also generated an additional $ 2.5 million in revenue for the system. Learn what processes were followed and the necessary key components that were needed to position RDNs as essential partners in accurately identifying malnutrition, including implementation of a successful model for nutrition-focused physical exam training. Speakers will share their experiences and the impact the program had on both the facility and RDNs, including RDN salary increases. Speakers will identify actionable opportunities for RDNs and will outline next steps, which include encouraging utilization of the Global Malnutrition Composite Score quality metric, expanding to long-term care, and developing a discharge planning toolkit.

Planned with the Nutrition Services Payment Committee

Learning Objectives

List at least 3 key factors utilized to improve success in the outcome of a malnutrition program

Describe the impact the malnutrition program made on the facility staffing and RDN salary

Describe how the malnutrition program benefits facilities that choose to report on the Global Malnutrition Composite Score

Performance Indicators

4.1 Demonstrates sound professional judgment and strategic thinking in practice

7.4 Participates in and leads quality control and improvement activities to improve delivery of services

8.2 Applies current knowledge and skill in the management of a variety of diseases and clinical conditions


Maureen Janowski

Corporate Director of Malnutrition

Morrison Healthcare

Candace Lea

Director of Nutrition Systems

Morrison Healthcare


Wendy Phillips

Regional Vice President

Morrison Healthcare

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