The Bigger Picture of Shortages in Nutrition Support: Implications for Clinical Practice


Nutrition support shortages may delay or compromise therapy, resulting in errors and suboptimal dosing. Shortages have become more frequent and longer in duration with many continuing on a revolving basis over the past 10+ years. Adults, neonates, and pediatric patients who need this life-sustaining therapy often have no alternatives when a shortage occurs of one or more critical components of nutrition support. This presentation will describe the driving forces within the supply chain and healthcare reimbursement landscape that promote ongoing shortages. Resources, management recommendations, and risk/error mitigation strategies will also be discussed. Following a global, bird’s-eye-view of the problem, a case series discussion will examine how interdisciplinary problem-solving can be used to provide the best nutrition care possible for our patients and consumers receiving life-saving nutrition support.

Planned with the Dietitians in Nutrition Support Dietetic Practice Group

Learning Objectives

Discuss how nutrition support shortages threaten public health and safety, negatively affecting healthcare in the U.S.

Identify the driving forces perpetuating shortages, as well as government and industry responses and efforts for amelioration

Increase awareness of resources for management and enhance clinicians’ ability to provide the best nutrition care possible during shortages

Performance Indicators

4.1 Demonstrates sound professional judgment and strategic thinking in practice

4.2 Exercises critical thinking when faced with opportunities and challenges

10.3 Establishes and implements evidence-based nutrition interventions to address PES statements and client/patient goals


Allison Blackmer

Director, Clinical Practice, Quality, and Advocacy

American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (A.S.P.E.N.)

Jessica Monczka

Clinical Nutrition Director

Option Care Health


Lauren Probstfeld

Clinical Dietitian, Advanced Practice

Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center (MEDVAMC)

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