The Climate of Tomorrow: Will You Be Prepared?


When it comes to taking action to mitigate or reverse the effects of climate change, it’s time to look in the mirror. Credentialed nutrition and dietetics practitioners have expertise to bring to the table and can amplify opportunities to advance sustainable nutrition and resilient food systems across practice settings and in their own communities. The threatening effects of climate change are here and will continue to alter every aspect of our lives. This includes nutrition and dietetics practice, as it is inherently linked to equitable access to services, safe supply chains, and food insecurity in our most vulnerable populations. This session will dive into the current data driving the insights and innovations and map out the current and future contributions of RDNs/NDTRs. This session will include a call to action for more education and practical experience in developing agile emergency plans, as well as a table-top exercise for participants that highlights how to develop an emergency plan, when a disaster strikes, with practical steps and considerations across the practice landscape.

Learning Objectives

Explain the connection between climate change data, health equity, and nutrition outcomes

Describe the development of a disaster-relief nutrition plan as a “living” and evolving document, utilizing resources specific to one’s major municipalities

Identify which natural disasters may be more likely in your area in order to advocate for the development of a local disaster-relief plan

Performance Indicators

7.2 Applies principles, standards, regulations and organizational policies to promote food safety

1.8 Demonstrates sustainable practices that are socially responsible, efficient, effective and environmentally friendly

12.2 Conducts a needs assessment to support the development and implementation of nutrition and dietetics or health promotion programs, initiatives or interventions


Jo Miller

Associate Clinical Professor University of the Pacific / Vice President of Nutrition Meals for All

University of the Pacific/ Meals for All

Chris Vogliano

Director of Global Research

Food and Planet


Shannon Robson

Associate Professor

University of Delaware

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