Using Data-Driven Strategies to Develop Nutrition Education Tools


RDNs and NDTRs must stay digitally fluent to keep pace with the evolving landscape of nutrition education materials available through different technologies and delivery platforms. Creating tools that consider diverse audiences and ensure equitable access aligns with the Academy’s Technology Future of Practice vision. This session will feature expertise from Urban Emu, an experience agency that uses technology, creativity, and change activation to improve the customer experience on a variety of web-based platforms, including and Urban Emu will highlight best practices to consider when designing user-centric nutrition education tools. The United States Department of Agriculture’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (USDA CNPP) has expertise and experience building interactive and user-centric nutrition education tools. CNPP will build on Urban Emu’s best practices by sharing insights on how various technology platforms and devices were evaluated, leveraging data analytics, to determine how best to facilitate healthy behaviors, improve food access, and support food preparation for individuals and families, including those who have limited resources. RDNs and NDTRs will be able to implement these strategies to create innovative nutrition education resources that best meet client and patient needs.

Learning Objectives

Identify two ways in which technology delivery methods can enhance access to nutrition materials, improving equitable access to a diverse body of users

Describe three factors to consider when designing technology-based nutrition education

List metrics available to analyze user behavior to make refinements or updates to technology-based nutrition education

Performance Indicators

4.2 Exercises critical thinking when faced with opportunities and challenges

11.2 Applies knowledge of evidence-based literature and research to support the marketing, advertising and sale of product and services

12.3 Designs and develops community and population health programs, interventions or initiatives to meet the needs of communities and/or populations


Ken Buraker

Chief Creative Officer

Urban Emu

Corey Holland

Branch Chief, Digital Nutrition Marketing and Innovation

United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service, Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion


Tessa Lasswell


United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service, Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion

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