Andrea Lindsey MS

Andrea Lindsey serves as Director of Operation Supplement Safety (OPSS) and Senior Nutrition Scientist with the Consortium for Health and Military Performance (CHAMP), Uniformed Services University. She received her Master of Science degree in Nutrition from University of Maryland, College Park. Andrea is a nutrition information specialist with extensive experience in the field of dietary supplements, and she has considerable knowledge and understanding regarding the content, safety, labeling, and marketing of these products. Andrea joined the Uniformed Services University in 2010 after having worked for more than 16 years on a cooperative project with the Food and Nutrition Information Center, National Agricultural Library, and the Office of Dietary Supplements, National Institutes of Health. At CHAMP, most of her work encompasses the topic of dietary supplements and their ingredients, which involves reviewing, evaluating, and interpreting the scientific literature; writing; and directing the program. Ms. Lindsey also regularly educates Service Members, healthcare providers, military family members, and leaders about dietary supplements. She also manages a team of nutritionists for CHAMP, overseeing all of the nutrition content. She works closely with Federal partners and other health professionals in and outside the military to exchange relevant and pertinent information about nutrition and dietary supplements.


Image of presenter Andrea Lindsey

Andrea Lindsey MS

Senior Nutrition Scientist and Director, Operation Supplement Safety

Henry M. Jackson Foundation in support of Consortium for Health and Military Performance, Uniformed Services University

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