Lynn Dugan MS, RDN

Lynn Dugan, MS, RDN, is a Nutritionist and Chef. She is the Founder of MyPlate2Yours, LLC. Lynn translates the science of nutrition to a practical application in the kitchen by conducting interactive cooking sessions and hosting a blog at She also published her first book: Not Your Mama’s Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Get Yours Started. Lynn is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and holds a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology. She is an Adjunct Professor in Nutrition at Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois, teaching both Food Science and Cultural Foods. Lynn feels called to be a peace builder and pursuer of justice and to cultivate this work in others. She was trained in the Principles and Practices of Peace Making with the Washington-based Telos group. She leads a Peace Building & Justice team at her church and desires to cultivate a community where everyone is welcome, heard and understood. Lynn is the mother of four adult children and a student of the Spanish language.


Image of presenter Lynn Dugan

Lynn Dugan MS, RDN


MyPlate2Yours, LLC

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