Patrick Devenny

Patrick Devenny is a former Colorado University football player who graduated with a degree in business. Patrick has struggled his entire life with disordered eating and restrictive eating. Looking back, it is hard for him to pinpoint the exact moment that his eating disorder started to consume his life, but he believes that given the pressures of trying to do whatever was necessary to achieve his dream of playing in the NFL, food became an issue. His eating disorder really became evident once his career was over and in 2015, he realized just how overwhelmed his life was with food and body image issues. Throughout his recovery journey, Patrick has developed a passion for raising awareness for athletes and males with eating disorders in hopes that his story can help at least one person with their own journey in recovery. His 2019 TEDx Talk, When clean eating became and eating disorder, is available on youtube.


Image of presenter Patrick Devenny

Patrick Devenny

Account Executive


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