Deedra Geniesse MS, RDN

Deedra was born and raised in North Dakota. She completed her undergraduate degree in Dietetics and Nutrition from the University of Central Missouri and completed her master’s degree from the University of Kansas Medical Center. Deedra has been a registered dietitian for 23 years with 21 of those years working in leadership positions. Deedra has experience in food service management and clinical nutrition operations leading at both small and large healthcare organizations. She is passionate about professional growth and development of teams, building and sustaining collaborative teams and elevating the role of the clinical dietitian organization wide and beyond. Deedra is the past winner of the Association for Healthcare Foodservice Partnership in Leadership Award. Deedra is proud to be selected for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Leadership Institute for 2023. Currently, Deedra is serving as the Director of Clinical Nutrition at Stanford Medicine in Palo Alto, CA where she works with her team of 80 registered dietitians.


Image of presenter Deedra Geniesse

Deedra Geniesse MS, RDN

Director, Clinical Nutrition Services

Stanford Medicine Healthcare

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