Shraddha Chaubey MS, RDN, CDN/LDN

Shraddha has been practicing as a registered dietitian nutritionist for more than 22 years. She has worked in several medical settings as a clinical dietitian in hospitals and rehab centers and a renal dietitian in a dialysis facility. Now, she is in her private practice. She has been a thought leader in defining healthy food since no one food has all the nutrients your body needs. She believes in the healing power of food and created a food rating system called Food Coach, which rates food into four color dots categories according to its healthy and unhealthy qualities. Shraddha’s interest developed in dysphagia diets when she consulted in some psychiatric facilities. She experienced her patients struggling with dysphagia related to some cognitive issues, not swallowing issues. She played a significant role with the hospital team in transitioning from the National Dysphagia diet to the IDSSI framework in her facilities where she consulted. She modified the diets, texture, and terminology and trained the kitchen and hospital staff about IDSSI standards. She is currently a diversity liaison for the DMNT-DPG practice group.


Image of presenter Shraddha Chaubey

Shraddha Chaubey MS, RDN, CDN/LDN


NutriPledge (Private Practice)

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