Sangeeta Shrivastava PhD, RDN, FAND

Dr. Sangeeta Shrivastava is the owner of insurance-based private practice Dr. Sangeeta Nutrition and a part-time faculty and DPD coordinator at California State Polytechnic University Pomona, CA. She holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry. Nutrition and Dietetics are not only her profession but her true passion, where she visualizes empowering each person with a healthy lifestyle to reduce the burden of health disparities in the community. As a clinical dietitian, she strongly believes that if nutrition is at the forefront of the care, the cost of health care, length of hospital stay, and readmission rate will be significantly reduced. Before private practice, she worked extensively in the clinical setting, including with dysphagia patients in close collaboration with SLPs and feel there is truly a need to diversify dysphagia diets. Sangeeta is the winner of the Emerging Dietetic Leader Award in CA in 2018, she also earned AIND: MIG Star Award during FNCE®️ in Washington DC. Sangeeta was named Outstanding Faculty by CPP athletic department based on her student nomination in 2019. Sangeeta also received the Excellence in Community Nutrition Award from the California Academy in 2022. Sangeeta has co-authored a chapter on Ayurveda in a functional medicine textbook.


Image of presenter Sangeeta Shrivastava

Sangeeta Shrivastava PhD, RDN, FAND

Lecturer and DPD Coordinator and Owner and RDN of Private Practice

California Polytechnic State Univ Pomona, Dr Sangeeta Nutrition (Private Practice)

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