Justin Batchelder MS, RDN

At 17 years old, Justin Batchelder incurred a cervical spinal cord injury (SCI). While adjusting to life with a disability, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and became a Dietetic Technician Registered (DTR). After volunteering with Metro Caring, an anti-hunger organization, Justin worked as their Nutrition Ed Coordinator in a community-oriented role. After several years he adjusted his hours to pursue a master’s in nutrition, which he completed in 2021. He dreamt about greater health for everyone in the SCI community; their proclivity for chronic disease is inextricably linked to nutrition. He focused his school projects on SCI and started noticing a paucity of nutrition-related support for the SCI community. His goal is to bolster these services through evidence-based practice. Justin enjoys a good cup of coffee, museum wandering, reading, adaptive exercise, bowling, trivia, and scuba diving. Justin completed his dietetic internship in May 2023 at Metropolitan State University and is a registered dietitian nutritionist.


Image of presenter Justin Batchelder

Justin Batchelder MS, RDN

Dietetic internship Graduate

Denver, CO

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