Lyndi Buckingham-Schutt PhD, RDN, LD

In 2022, Lyndi Buckingham-Schutt joined Iowa State University as an Assistant Professor of Community Nutrition and Health and a Human Science Extension and Outreach State Specialist in Nutrition and Wellness. Prior to her role at Iowa State University, Lyndi was the Director of Wellness and Nutrition Policy, where she was responsible for developing and implementing The Harkin Institute’s wellness and nutrition policy agenda, research projects, and educational outreach. From 2013-2017 Lyndi was an USDA Fellow for Childhood Obesity Prevention at Iowa State University and studied the effect of a physical activity, nutrition, and behavioral intervention during pregnancy to improve maternal and fetal outcomes. Lyndi’s research focuses on evidence-based policy approaches to improve food and nutrition systems that support access to healthy food, sustainable development, and food equity. Lyndi received a BA in Exercise Science from St. Olaf College, a BS in Dietetics from Iowa State University, and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Nutritional Science from Iowa State University. Outside of Iowa State, Lyndi is the past-chair of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Legislative and Public Policy Committee, and a member of Above and Beyond Cancer board and Iowa ACE’s 360 board.


Image of presenter Lyndi Buckingham-Schutt

Lyndi Buckingham-Schutt PhD, RDN, LD

Assistant Professor Community Nutrition and Health

Iowa State University

Lyndi Buckingham-Schutt

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