Julie Greene MPH

Julie’s work is focused on improving public health by fostering a healthy food environment. Working within the food retail sector, she has led the development of innovative tools delivering results once thought impossible by both health advocates & food executives. Starting with the introduction of Guiding Stars in 2006, she has led efforts to shift consumer consumption through science-backed nutrition guidance, retail dietitian engagement, marketing of nutritious products and incentive programs rewarding shoppers for healthier baskets. As a result, Ahold Delhaize retailers exceeded goals for sales of products earning Guiding Stars. With industry leading ESG statistics, supported by financial incentives for leaders who deliver on ambitious public targets, the potential of this work is only beginning to be realized. Her commitment to collaborating with public health researchers focusing on supermarket-based interventions has led to numerous publications that chronicle the effectiveness of Guiding Stars and the valuable product data it offers. From shelf-edge communication to Ecommerce filters and Food-as-Medicine incentives focusing on SNAP-eligible populations, she believes there is no limit to the positive impact we can have on the health of our communities. Julie earned her MPH from Muskie School of Public Service in Portland, Maine where she lives with her family.


Image of presenter Julie Greene

Julie Greene MPH

Director of Guiding Stars

Guiding Stars Licensing Company, LLC

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