Mary Pat Turon-Findley RD, Med, CMHIMP, LD

Currently at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center; attained B.S. in Nutrition from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio and Masters of Nutrition from University of Cincinnati. Working initially with Geriatrics and hepatic research with rodents, have worked nearly 35 years in Mental Health and disordered eating in inpatient, outpatient, residential and partial day hospitalization. Have chaired both IC Ethics Committee and Publications Committee with ASPEN, along with activities on monitoring committee, working on the Core Curriculum chapter on Eating Disorders, upcoming handbook chapters on pediatrics and disordered eating as well as articles on ethics, mental health in nutrition and disordered eating. Have presented at multiple ASPEN clinical weeks both podium and roundtables in addition to multiple regular and webinar presentations on topics including ethics, pediatrics, mental health, nutrition assessment in transgender population, disordered eating and Munchausen by proxy. Presented webinars on pediatric disordered eating and ethics with AND, ARAND and Caspen and ANHI.


Image of presenter Mary Pat Turon-Findley

Mary Pat Turon-Findley RD, Med, CMHIMP, LD

Registered Dietitian III

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Mary Pat Turon-Findley

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