Joy Herring MSN, RN,RAC-CT

Joy Herring is a results-driven Long-Term Care Nurse with over 25 years of experience in MDS, clinical reimbursement, regulatory practices, and informatic nursing. She is committed to improving patient’s quality of care. She strives for excellence through evaluation, education, recommendations, and ongoing monitoring of the RAI process, reducing and performing system analysis to ensure operational efficiency. Vast knowledge of leveraging analytic data to improve quality outcomes. Revered by superiors, peers, and clientele for being highly collaborative and interpersonal. She is an expert in her own right in transforming machine learning data and leveraging artificial intelligence into interventional insight. Joy holds a Master of Science Degree in Nursing Informatics from Chamberlain University and is pursuing a Doctorate in Nursing Practice. Joy is passionate about developing the keen skill sets of healthcare professionals to leverage data to improve quality outcomes


Image of presenter Joy Herring

Joy Herring MSN, RN,RAC-CT

VP of Clinical Analytics

Epic Management

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