Julie Holland MHA, CEDS-S, F.iaedp

Julie Holland, MHA, CEDS-S is a nationally recognized leader in the behavioral health field as a marketing and business development executive, clinician and public speaker. Her unique fusion of clinical, operations, marketing and branding expertise has been instrumental in expanding awareness and increasing access to quality care for patients and families and providing leading-edge professional education for professionals. An iaedp Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and Approved Supervisor, Julie served as the iaedp Certification Director for 11 years where she was instrumental in establishing highly regarded certification for eating disorders professionals. Julie currently serves on the iaedp Board and is Chair of iaedp’s Senior Advisory Committee. Julie has worked alongside world-renowned medical and mental health practitioners in the development and implementation of cutting-edge therapeutic interventions to address these highly complex illnesses. She has worked in several of the country’s leading eating disorder treatment centers, maintained a private practice both in the US and in Bermuda, and became a noted thought leader on the speaking circuit.


Image of presenter Julie Holland

Julie Holland MHA, CEDS-S, F.iaedp


Dryden Holland Consulting, LLC

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