Chris Vogliano PhD, RDN

Chris Vogliano is a globally recognized public health dietitian who is working to link the fields of agriculture, nutrition and health to promote more sustainable diet patterns. Chris is one of the co-founders and director of global research for Food + Planet, and is also a Technical Advisor of Food Systems with the USAID Advancing Nutrition. He’s currently working on The Global Diet Quality project to adapt country-specific tools for the first ever global diet quality monitoring system, in partnership with Harvard University and Gallup World Polls. He has given over 80 academic presentations both domestically and internationally, published numerous peer-reviewed research publications, and has served as research fellows for The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Bioversity International. During his free time, Chris enjoys hiking, biking, and anything that allows him to spend time in nature.


Image of presenter Chris Vogliano

Chris Vogliano PhD, RDN

Director of Global Research

Food and Planet

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