Jo Miller MPH, RDN

Jo Miller, MPH, RDN received a B.S. in Nutrition Science with a Minor in Food Service Management from UC Davis. In 2010, she completed her Master’s of Public Health from UC Davis with an emphasis on Nutrition, Informatics, and Journalism. In 2019 she was elected to the House of Delegates representing the California Affiliate, to serve as a voice of Academy members and assist in identifying and developing solutions to some of the challenges facing the profession. Jo is Vice President of Nutrition at Meals for All and in 2022 joined the University of Pacific School of Health Sciences team as Associate Clinical Professor. Her focus is on best practices and regulations- related to emergency nutrition preparedness, manufacturing, marketing, and education for healthcare. She is an invited speaker on the topic of emergency nutrition preparedness throughout the United States and works closely with healthcare facilities to evaluate their current emergency nutrition plans. She helps facilities anticipate their future preparedness needs. Jo lives with her family and 2 dogs in Sacramento, CA and can be found climbing a mountain on most weekends.


Image of presenter Jo Miller

Jo Miller MPH, RDN

Associate Clinical Professor University of the Pacific / Vice President of Nutrition Meals for All

University of the Pacific/ Meals for All

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