Rachel McCandless MSH, RDN

Rachel McCandless is the Registered Dietitian and Vice President of Health and Nutrition at Feeding Northeast Florida, the Feeding America regional affiliate food bank serving the 14 counties surrounding Jacksonville, Fl. She oversees SNAPEd, prepared meals, mobile grocery, healthy pantry and prescriptive nutrition healthcare partnerships. With these tools, Rachel is scaling to the regional level a successful pilot collaboration between hospitals, free and charitable medical clinics, and the food bank targeting health outcomes of referred patients with nutrition related chronic diseases. Rachel received her Master of Science in Health and Candidacy for Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition at the University of North Florida, where she continues as an Adjunct Instructor of Food Systems and researches nutrition policy in food banks through the lens of behavioral change management.


Image of presenter Rachel McCandless

Rachel McCandless MSH, RDN

Vice President of Health and Nutrition

Feeding Northeast Florida Food Bank

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