Cicely Thomas DCN. MEd, RDN, LD

Cicely Thomas received a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Georgia Southern University. She received a Master of Adult Education from the University of Georgia and a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition from the University of North Florida. She is a devoted wife and mother of 4 beautiful children. Dr. Thomas has been the Nutrition Service Director for 10 years in Northwest Georgia where she served in leadership over her 22 years of employment. As a devoted public health advocate, Dr. Thomas has served in capacity of state policy representative for the Georgia Academy of Nutrition as well as the diversity liaison for both GAND and the WM DPG. Dr. Thomas represents the 3 percent of African American Registered Dietitians in the US with enthusiasm. Reducing health disparities and educating the community is where her attention is focused. Dr. Thomas has also served as the nutrition section chair for Georgia Public Health Association. She is persistent in her drive to be a visible and credible representation of diversity in the field of nutrition and public health. Her heart is driven by the passion to protect the most vulnerable and educate the community. Dr. Thomas, a recipient of the 2022 Commission on Dietetic Registration Doctoral Scholarship, completed her dissertation research on employees’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors as related to an online nutrition education training course in Georgia WIC. She was featured in FNCE2022 spotlight by the Academy as a nutrition hero. Dr. Thomas is also an ordained Elder of First Apostolic Church.


Image of presenter Cicely Thomas

Cicely Thomas DCN. MEd, RDN, LD

Nutrition Service Director

NWGA Division of Public Health/Nutrition Services

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